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Leather is everywhere – bags, shoes, gloves, jackets, and more, and we all prefer our leather to age in different ways. Some like it as new as possible. Some prefer having it distressed to have a vintage or rustic look. But few can resist the supple handling, understated burnish and distinct rich scent that can only come from fine leather. For others, it can even evoke memories of certain moments in life.

Whatever way you like your leather to look, it is important to keep the integrity of the leather. As beautiful as it can be when you first purchased them, your leather, when left on their own, will become worn out and dull in time. Taking care of them in small ways, like cleaning, conditioning or storing them properly will mean that they will hold their luster much longer.

Cleaning and conditioning your leather are critical steps to safely extend its use or preserve its beauty. Whilst routine maintenance can be done at home, old weathered leather must be taken to store for more professional rehabilitation. But why wait till then? Here're some things you may want to think about before picking the product you want. 

  • First, understand and determine your leather treatment objectives.
  • Second, know the type of leather finish of the items you want to treat. 
  • Third, pick from the range offered here by brand or by utility.
  • Fourth, download the user guide if you don't already have one.