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Leather Milk Conditioner & Protection set: No. 1 & No. 3

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As if conditioning is not enough, we packed more goodness into this Leather Milk conditioner & protection set: No 1 & No. 3 set that has the Leather Care Liniment and Water Protectant!

  1. Apply Leather Care Liniment No. 1 to replenish the leather natural oils to prevent any drying out or cracking of leather
  2. Use thin layers of Water Protectant No.3, absorption of water into leather fibre will be slowed down tremendously or not at all!
You may choose to give you leather as many coats of the Protectant as it needs, but only as much as it can absorb. If piled on too thickly, leather conditioner will leave sticky residue.

    This Leather conditioner and protection set includes 2 reusable cotton terry applicator pads for best results!

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