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Cadillac Nubuck & Suede Kit

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Keeping your suede and nubuck bags, purses and shoes looking their best is not difficult as long as you have the right tool.

In essence, use a suede brush to restore the natural nap of suede and nubuck by soft-brushing it; use a suede bar to gently sand the surface down evenly to remove stubborn stains and dirt.

It is important to clean your suede and nubuck the moment you see stains. It will be very difficult to revive the nap of the suede and nubuck once stains stay on too long. The strands will remain matted down and look as if it is discoloured.

Cadillac’s finest suede and nubuck kit in a reusable, clamshell storage container, this unique, and easy-to-use cleaning bar helps to erase spots and soil from all colours.

Put together for people who crave convenience, the kit contains a nylon brush and a double-sided bar with one side for suede and the other for nubuck. Its soft nylon bristles are ideal for light cleaning and brushing up nap on all colours of suede articles. It also has a contoured handle that snags nicely in your hand. Use it regularly to prevent nap from matting.


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