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Apple Leather Care Conditioner

Free delivery for all Australian orders over $60. A flat fee of $5 applies on orders from $30 to $59.99. 

ONLY for limited period of time: The 8 oz (237ml)  Leather Conditioner is currently at a promotional price of $32.95!

Why wait for your prized leather bags, belts or gloves to lose its natural oil and moisture? Why wait for its fibrous interweave to dry out, crack and break down? When this happens, the leather will inevitably need to be replaced. 

Conditioning the leather means that it will not only receive the nourishment it needs but will also help keep the flexibility underneath it going strong. This odourless, non-staining Apple Leather Conditioner:  

  • Contains no wax, silicone or other harmful chemicals.
  • Is safe for use on finished leather, vinyl and colour leather.
  • Does not leave a greasy or sticky residue if used correctly.
  • Gently conditions & preserves finished, exotic, naked and simulated leather.
  • Does not cause wax or silicone build-up or darken leather if used correctly. 

Regular use of the Apple Leather Conditioner will re-introduce emollients into the leather that could have been lost due to use and time. For more information, refer to the Apple Leather Conditioner User Guide

Note: This product is not to be used on suede, nubuck or untreated leathers such as vachetta leather. 

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