Tips and tricks to care for vachetta leather

Tips and tricks to care for vachetta leather

So, vachetta leather - What exactly is this type of leather? Many people have asked us questions on vachetta leather. We thought we will do a bit of digging.

Vachetta leather is premium cowhide leather that has a buttery soft appearance that can feel really good when brushed against your skin.

It is an untreated and unprotected leather that’s usually used in the trimming How to treat vachetta leatherof luggage and handbags. Many girls and ladies would know; this leather is popularised by Louis Vuitton. The leather, unlike others, is not treated with moisturising oils and coated with sealant that offers the leather some degree of protection from the elements, cleaners and chemicals.                                                                                                                                                     As it is untreated, it is susceptible to water and stains, and most things it comes into contact with including rapid aging and drying. But the good part is vachetta leather can be darkened in shade and develop into what we called a patina, a honey golden colour that forms over time and regular use. This is what makes vachetta leather unique.                                                                                                                                                                                             Since vachetta leather needs a rather high level of preventive measure to protect it from elements it is susceptible to, you may like some tips and tricks to care, clean and condition your vachetta leather handbag.



  • Do not place your vachetta leather on the floor, dirty surfaces, or near grease, stain. Prevention is your best bet.
  • Do not use any leather soups, cleaners, or conditioners that contain lanolin
  • Do not rub denim transfer or other dry stains, simply remove it by using an uncoloured or natural pencil eraser.
  • Do not fold your vachetta leather in any way.
  • Do not allow anything to sit on top of it.
  • bear in mind that besides the regular sun exposure, natural grease, moisture and sweat from your hands will have a darkening effect on the vachetta leather.
  • remember when not in use, store your vachetta leather bag in a box or cotton dust bag, NOT plastic bags, the leather needs to breathe.
  • If your vachetta leather bag has straps, tuck it inside the bag especially when it has a chain or hardware on it to prevent it from accidentally scratching the leather.
  • use wax-free leather condition to prevent it from drying up, such as Apple Leather Care Conditioner 

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Care Guides

Make sure you're armed with the right advice to maximise the use of your leather cleaning and conditioning products, download your very own user guide below.

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In the meantime, some general rules on leather care and protection.





1. Cleaning

Regular leather cleaning prevents the build-up of dust, dirt, mildew and bacteria. Use your clean fingertip to gently rub out the scratch as the natural oils from your skin will remove most small scratches. To remove dirt, grime or surface residue, use a soft damp cloth. Gently rub for removal. For a deeper clean, use a cleaner to help preserve the natural lubricating oils instead of stripping them. Cleaning is an irreversible process and therefore, thorough consideration should be made before any such attempt. Do not use coloured rags that are not dye-colourfast as the dye may come off onto your leather. 

General Leather Care Guide

2. Maintaining

Leather, like our skins, loses suppleness in time if it is not provided with regular nourishment. Use a wax-free leather conditioner that will work on nourishing and restoring the flexibility and suppleness of your leather article. To waterproof your leather, protect it with a layer of "guard" while maintaining the leather's breathability. 

3. Storage

Leather is a natural material and should be stored in a breathable, non-plastic or non-porous container, to prevent the growth of mildew and bacteria. If you have to store it in a garment bag, make sure to keep it open for ventilation. 

Avoid at all cost: